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About EStar America

Though EStar America may still be an up-and-comer in America, Estar is a leading 3D display solutions provider in China. With "innovation leads to a better life" as a core concept, EStar focuses on 3D display technology and virtual visual display technology research and development. Instead of following others' innovation, EStar has invested in their own technology and innovation capacity as part of their core competitive advantage.

Additionally, EStar accomplishes all while continuing to provide excellent products, build 3D virtual displays, show overall solution, and satisfy customers. EStar successfully developed and produced the world's first "glasses-mounted TV," created China's first independent intellectual property portfolio for "glasses multimedia theater", and provided leadership to China’s virtual display industry. EStar is a China Stereoscopic Industry Alliance sponsor, setting China’s 3D shutter glasses national standards. EStar is China's largest 3D display provider named a “national high-tech integrated enterprise.”